Winter 2018 Seminar Series - ISR 1430

Fact and Communication in a Post-Truth World
Organized by David Dunning

January 01, 2018

Video Recordings

February 05, 2018
Josh Pasek
University of Michigan

Information Processing in the 21st Century ...

March 05, 2018
Krishna Savani
Nanyang Technological University

Does Choice Lie in the Eyes of the Beholder ...

April 02, 2018
Allison Earl
University of Michigan

Bringing context back: How the environment ...

January 22, 2018
David Dunning
University of Michigan

The Geography of Post-Truth World: An Intro ...

February 12, 2018
Dan Kahan
Yale University

Science comprehension without curiosity is ...

March 19, 2018
Brian Weeks
University of Michigan

The Problem of Political Misperceptions

April 09, 2018
Peter H. Ditto
University of California, Irvine

The Illusion of Public Reason

January 29, 2018
Richard Nisbett
University of Michigan

Post-Truth in the Academy

February 19, 2018
Andrew Shtulman
Occidental College

Conceptual and Epistemic Obstacles to Under ...

March 26, 2018
Philip Fernbach
University of Colorado, Boulder

The Knowledge Illusion

The Group Dynamics Seminar series is one of the longest running seminar series in the social sciences. The original intent was for RCGD senior staff to meet together weekly to maintain an integrated theoretical approach to the various research projects underway and to advance theoretical thinking in several areas. Today the seminar series is open to the entire University community and continues to provide an opportunity for researchers, scholars, staff, and students to meet and learn about new theoretical developments as well as ongoing research activities.